Last night I was about to sleep. I heard a loud sound. I went out to see what had happened. As I came back I saw a spaceship, in the spaceship there was an alien. The alien asked me that I would come with him for a round with him in Space. I said yes because I wanted to see the sun, the moon and the planets. The alien showed me what I wanted to see. He told me there is a surprise for me. I was very excited to see the surprise he showed me the surprise it was a castle. The castle had a big door I opened the door there was a queen. The queen hearing a tune. I asked the alien that can I make her my friend He said no because she has a tune that can make her angry I said now she is not angry as she get angry we will leave the castle. The alien told me that we have to go to the earth. I said but why. The alien told me that it is going to be morning. I asked the alien that the next day will you bring me to the castle. He said he will bring me. The morning I told everyone about what happened that night. I was very excited to go to the castle. That was my best night.