I am a Neem tree. I need air, water, sunlight, good soil and seeds to grow like all my friend trees. I too am a useful part of nature. I am born naturally on the earth. I provide medicines and wood for fuel. I am very useful for people.

I help to clean the air and provide oxygen for breathing. I am home to many animals like birds, insects, monkeys, snakes and squirrels. People rest under my shade. People make soaps, oil, medicines and scrubs out of me. My leaves are used to cure chickenpox, diabetes and purify the blood. Though me and my friend are being useful, people cut us for their selfishness and greed. They spoil eco-balance and destroy nature. They turn the beautiful green earth into a desert.

I therefore beg everyone-
Save the trees, Save Environment
Plant us more
For our earth’s betterment