Adults can be a lot of fun, they can take you out and buy you fun stuff, bring you cool toys, joke around with you and take you out for food, help you, advise you, guide you and generally have a good time with you. However, everything has a downside and nothing is perfect, including being an adult! When I speak about adults, I speak about them as a whole, I don't mean anything personal to my parents, aunts, uncles or anyone I know that's over the age of 18. I’m just stating my opinion on one thing I hate about most adults - how they think and feel that just because they’re older and smarter than us they address themselves ‘superior’ than us in all sorts of ways!
Lots of adults, even those who aren’t that close to us, tend to think they have control over us, they order us around and ban us from things that don't even have the slightest chance of causing a problem. Then another issue is ‘trust’ , and this goes for mostly the close relatives in my life whose houses I visit often and even my best friends’ parents whose houses I visit. My aunt/godmother loves me truckloads and is very fond of me but she won’t let me wander off, even to get my cycle repaired. Also, only until one year ago, I wasn't allowed to play unmonitored in her house. Then another problem faced by this superiority is ‘over protectiveness’. 95% of all adults I know are a victim of this ‘contagious disease’ . Till date, I am not trusted with the responsibility of a phone, I have limited iPad timings (though it's a different story when they’re not in the house), I can rarely be trusted on my own and only when they’re in a good mood do my parents allow me out of the house. Not having a phone really gets on my nerves because nearly every single one of my friends have one and it is quite difficult to stay in touch. Having timings to play on electronics or to watch television is irritating but I understand my parents are doing it for my good, especially in the long run. Anyhow , adults have a knack for irritating me!
Having said all this, I would like to conclude that all adults aren’t that bad and I love my parents and most (not all, unfortunately) adults. I understand what they mean for me and all that they do is for a good reason. My parents, aunts and uncles have all been kind and fun with me and are a great help. They are becoming more lenient gradually. However, I am glad I was brought up the way I was and due to that I have high hopes of becoming someone successful who matters in the future. But with the information written on this piece of paper, I hope that no matter what ... it does NOT reach my parents!

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