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Easter Hunt Swim or Dance Author: Roshan Choudhury   Posted On: 22 Apr 2019

The Easter Egg Hunt
Cheerful yellow and white balloons greeted all those who came to celebrate the festival of hope and faith - Easter, the DI way. DI truly showcased the family-friendly club it is. All members who frequent the DI would have cherished memories of the wonderful family times they have spent at DI. The 2019 Easter celebrations added a few more to the cherished list. From the traditional Easter egg hunt with the fun evening of games in the pool for children, to an evening of enchanting music by 'Blue Mist' for families, DI truly rolled out the red carpet for its members. 



Over 80 eager children up to 13 years of age, came charged up for the Easter egg hunt. For the very first time children aged 0 to 3 years were included.
Children were asked to go to the registration counter to get their attendance marked and received cheerful orange coloured eco friendly goody bags.  Bags collected they were asked to wait in the badminton court aka Indoors@DI as Tanya, Brinelle and others set up the lawn for the hunt. Soon flower beds, flower pots, chairs, tables and many more creative places hid the much sought after loot. The sweet loot comprised chocolate Easter eggs, a variety of chocolates and toffees, chocolate pies and more.



Indoors@DI had Christabel engaging the eager bounty hunters in a quick round of an impromptu quiz. Soon children were divided age wise into 4 groups. 
We had 4 children in the upto 3 years group who were accompanied by their parents, who by the looks of it were thrilled to re-live their childhood as they prepared for the hunt. Our littlest members held their parents' hands, as they embarked on their very first Easter egg hunt. A milestone indeed!



The next group of 4 to 6 year olds, were all ready with their goody bags as they awaited their turn. As soon as they received the green signal, they raced to find the hidden treasures. 
The 7 to 9 year olds were easily the largest group and as soon as they got the ok from Christabel, they vanished from the badminton court and were next seen on the DI Lawns hunting for their bounty.
The 10 to 13 year olds were not far behind and joined the rest and soon no more eggs remained un-hunted. 
Children could be seen combing the Lawns looking for their loot. Soon the goody bags were filled with sweet treasures which were handed over to the parents for safekeeping as they raced to change for the next round of fun DI had planned for them.

Fun in the pool

Fun in the pool, what could be better on a April summer evening? Cheerful Easter decorations adorned the poolside with white- yellow balloons and cute little cutouts of the Easter Bunny coming out of an egg. The pool quickly filled up with our swimmers, some could be seen sporting arm bands for safety, but didn't want to miss out the fun. 
Brinelle, Christabel, Lorraine, Sweta and Zeenat got the children divided into 4 teams. Each team selected their names - Aqua People led by Lorraine, Blue Whale led by Zeenat, Mermaid by Sweta and Sharks by Brinelle and Christabel were the chosen team names. Uncle Leslie expertly guided the teams with the rules of each game.



Water relays, catch the ball, tube racing games, diving and racing etc were conducted and our little DI members wholeheartedly participated. Shouts of joy and excitement filled the air as each team cheered on their teammates.  Parents could be seen relaxing by the pool enjoying seeing their children thrilled. As the races picked up pace, the parents too started cheering the teams. A little bat dived towards the pool causing much excitement amongst the children. The teams performed very well and the first team won by a very narrow margin of 1 point.
First : Sharks with 28 points
Second: Mermaids with 27 points
Third: Blue Whale with 18 points
Fourth : Aqua people with 16 points.
Each team received their prizes of chocolates with great pleasure and soon the hungry children wolfed down their prize. All the activities had made them hungry.
Children headed to the changing rooms, as they now wanted to get to Uncle Alan's park.
The evening had turned cool and the April breeze brought with it some rain which further cooled the evening. The IPL screening in the DI lawns had to be suspended as the rains came. Members rushed into Indoors@DI and there awaited another enchanting program which DI had laid out for its members.



An evening of enchanting music with 'Blue Mist'
Tables were set with pretty pink table cloths, adding to the festive spirit. Orders were placed and soon our favourite 'Blue Mist' took stage. 
Blue Mist played DI favorites and soon couples could be seen on the pristine white dance floor, swaying to the music. Children too joined the dance floor and were seen jiving away merrily. Some joined their dancing parents and others danced with their friends. Prizes awaited the dancers.


Ishanvi, Jaden and Sierra received a chocolate Easter Bunny each for their uninterrupted and joyful dancing. Jaden was certainly inspiring as he twirled both Sierra and Ishanvi. Quite a feat for children  so small.
'Blue Mist' belted out one favorite after another, like 'That thing u do', 'Wake me up before you go-go'. More prizes of coveted beer bottles, chocolates were given out adding to the delight of the evening. 'I am the one' by Michael Jackson was the last song before the band took a break. The dance floor filled up for this favourite. By now the Indoors@DI was almost full, despite the rains , members came to enjoy the evening of festivities. 
After the break, the tempo of music changed  The cheerful and up-beat 'Give me hope Johanna' and all time favorites like 'Mysterious girl' had the dance floor absolutely full.

The Easter special menu
No festivity can be complete without food. Special Easter menu with all time family favourites like pancakes, crepes, fizzers, milkshake, pizza were hits with children lining up for their fill. Adults were spoilt for choice themselves as hot delicious Baos, Suimai, fishballs, dumplings, wantons, momos from Pou Chong were available all evening.

This fun-filled day with family was a much awaited celebration, and felt as if Christmas was here again, as we celebrated Easter and the rising of Jesus, bringing hope and faith into our lives.

[Picture credits: Roshan Choudhury, Samir Doshi, Peter Hyrapiet.  Please check the albums on Facebook as well.]