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The SatC debates the MeToo effect Author: Supriya Newar   Posted On: 25 Apr 2019

Five teams of two members each, representing what someone described as the culturally most active clubs in Calcutta, had a battle of animated wits over a topic that has recently been in the news:
#MeToo is empowering the woman
The debate was held at The Saturday Club as part of their annual exercise.
The clubs taking part included Lake Club, Calcutta Club, Saturday Club, CC&FC and our very own Dalhousie Institute. Raju Raman and Supriya Newar presented their arguments for and against respectively and earned loud cheers and applause from the audience.
Dr Kunal Sarkar (Chairman) with Supriya Newar and Raju Raman of DI in the background.

The debate saw an enthusiastic and engaged audience that was evenly split when it came to a vote at the end.
The jury comprised three eminent educationists: Devi Kar of Modern High School; Sujata Sen of Future Hope and Hilda Peacock of Gems Akademia.
The Chairperson as always was Dr. Kunal Sarkar whose hallmark wit as well as incisive comments added greatly to every point of view
The best speaker award was shared by Saurabh of Saturday Club and Anirudh Chari of CC&FC while the overall winners were the hosts Saturday Club and the runners-up were CC&FC.