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Trick or Treat Halloween Author: Shishir Goenka   Posted On: 30 Oct 2019

Trick or Treat? Well it was an evening of both, when DI celebrated Halloween on Monday, the 28th of October. The month has had its fair share of festivals, from the traditional Durga Puja to Diwali, and Halloween added a touch of spirit and spookiness to it, albeit in a celebratory manner.

The Main Bar ( or Live@DI, as it is referred to) was the venue for the said evening. One could sense the feel of Halloween right from the entrance to the Main Bar.

There was a lady tattoo artist, welcoming guests with her craft and skill of designs and colours, drawing up interesting artwork on guests who dared to get some exotic tattoo work, on their hands or faces. A witch had parked herself on her broom next to the tattoo artist. Thankfully it was just a prop and not a real one, otherwise the entrance would be quite deserted! On the left hand side of the entrance, a large collage with props matching the theme for the evening acted as a perfect background for clicking selfies, groupies, et al.

On entering the bar, one could feel the effects of what a Halloween evening would actually look like. Pumpkins, skeletons and bats were adorned on the ceiling of the dance floor. Round cut outs and props were highlighting the bar counter, complimenting the theme for the evening perfectly.

Spiders were spotted resting in their webs, by the walls on the two corners of the bar which made me remember a certain Mr. Peter Parker, more famously known as Spiderman. He would have surely felt at home, had he been part of our celebrations! Tables were decorated with pumpkins which glowed and light up the seating area.

Urban Monkz took care of the entertainment with their fusion music. A mix of english & bollywood songs were on the menu for the evening and they made sure that the crowd enjoyed to the fullest.

All in all, it was an another fun filled evening at The DI, and thankfully there weren't any skeletons in the closet.
Happy clubbing.
[Photographs by the author himself]