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Kids Camp Fun in the Sun Author: Christabel D'Gama   Posted On: 25 Nov 2019

The day started at 9:30 am sharp (well as sharp as it gets in the DI!) The kids trickled in and Uncle Les got them all into a circle to explain the rules for the camp. The most important rule? Safety first!

Once there were enough kids in the circle we started off with some quick group games like Tag and Passing the Electric Current. Once everyone had arrived the teams were made and given their cool coloured wristbands. The teams chose their names according to the colour of their bands- Pink Panthers, Brown Boomers, Blue Sharks and Red Dragons.

We then began the team games- Ball Relay, Ladder Legs, Tunnel Relay and The Longest Line. The kids ran, jumped and stretched themselves to their limit (literally!)

Post a refreshing juice break we began the Pioneering section of the camp. Four Bases were set up in each corner of the field. The teams went to each base to learn and complete an activity that they would use later on in the camp. Three of the bases, manned by Simran, Lorenzo and Christabel assisted by Shaheen and Rajashree, taught the kids some useful knots like the Clove Hitch, Sheet Bend and Round Turn and Two Half Hitches. Each team member was given their own rope to practice on until they learnt the knots. The most popular corner was the Tarzan Swing, manned by our very own Tarzan boy, Leo, and scorer, Betty. The kids swung themselves as far as they could on the rope and later climbed it to see who could reach the top too!

After that exhausting activity we all went in for a sumptuous Chinese lunch (after washing all hands with soap of course). We must thank Tanya and Debbie for the tasty food that was provided throughout the camp. Teams sat together at different tables and got points for how clean they left their space after lunch. Every table was left clean and tidy (yes parents, they can do that).

After lunch we surprised 13 year old, Rayd Firoz, with a birthday cake and 13 (gentle) birthday bumps. Then it was time for some indoor games. First up was the Barrels Pyramid where the teams strategized and tried out different combinations until they managed to create a three-tier pyramid (with our trusty organisers standing by to catch them if the pyramid began to wobble). In the aftermath of the pyramid activity our two strongmen, Leo and Lorenzo, were turned into human walls as the kids lined up to try and stand on their shoulders, with little Dhariya Khairulla standing fearlessly without holding on. After that the teams crossed the Crocodile River with only a pair of newspaper boulders to help them survive. The organisers added to the tense atmosphere by humming “Baby Croc doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo”

The teams then headed back outside for the next part of the camp which would test them on all the skills they’d already learnt. Every team had to put up a clothesline using all the knots they had learnt during the day. The real test came when Uncle Les hung two DI tablecloths on their finished lines to check if they had made them right. None of the lines collapsed which means that all the kids learned something that they can now use at home (maybe they can wash and dry the clothes they dirtied during the camp).

We used one of the clotheslines as a net for the Tennis Relay that came next. Teams faced off against each other and with many “underhanded” methods threw the ball so that the other team couldn’t catch it. Last but not least was the ever-popular Tug-O’-War. Team members tried several methods in their quest to win- pulling, tugging, sitting and even lying down.

Tired but happy, the kids got back into line for the reading of the final scores. The winning team was Brown Boomers, followed by Blue Sharks, Pink Panthers and Red Dragons. The cake was cut and distributed along with yummy snack boxes, and the kids went home with full tummies, fuller minds and slightly dirty clothes (which they can help with, don’t forget)!


Thanks Leslie for a great camp! The kids had a blast!

Thank you uncle for organising a wonderful camp. Adrian and Dylan had a great time.

Hi Leslie
Thank you for the well  organized day full of nice energetic games and fun for the kids. Both my girls thoroughly enjoyed the entire day and also loved the good food and snacks.

Thanks everyone for all the effort. Was a great day.

Thank you for organising such an amazing day for us all. I feel I learnt so much today. It was well planned and well executed. And it was wonderful working with you all. Thank you Les and thank you Team Camp.

[Editorial Note:  There were just too many pictures so we have posted them all on Facebook in an album.

Photo Credits: Shaheen Faiyaz, Rajashree Kundalia, Simran Kaur, Beatrix D'Gama, Lorenzo, Leonardo and Christabel.