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Across the Universe at DI Author: Debargho Sarkar   Posted On: 14 Mar 2018

The Beatles. Who hasn’t heard them? Their tunes, lyrics, styles…the boys from Liverpool were an international phenomenon ever since the mid Sixties, when they churned out hit after h ...

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The New Year – Chinese style! Author: Amit Ukil   Posted On: 27 Feb 2018

“Chinaman, Chinaman chow chow chow/ kutta bola bow wow wow…!” These first two lines of a childhood ditty my dad used to dote me with kept drumming in my head as the sound of real dr ...

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Team DI at SAMPREETI  Author: Amit Dutt   Posted On: 26 Feb 2018

A JOLT TO THE CONSCIENCE – a review of DI’s play at Sampreeti by AMIT DUTT It was a fitting commemoration of Language Movement Day, termed simply as Ekushe, or the 21st -- an allus ...

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FUN-N-FOOD CARNIVAL AT DI Author: Debargho Sarkar & Amit Ukil   Posted On: 07 Feb 2018

Carousing on cuisine and more!   The weather was in transition. Winter was on the wane, and summer was knocking at our doors. What better affable conditions could one ask for to hold a fe ...

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Little champs of DI Author: Roshan Choudhury   Posted On: 23 Jan 2018

The stage was set for some latent talent that was to be exposed later in the evening. Colourful balloons added to the feeling of merriment. The crisp winter evening warmed up as our DI children came u ...

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