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Music and the Food of Love Author: Tanya Robinson   Posted On: 11 Feb 2019

“If music be the food of love, play on!” Well, DI did just that on a chilly and somewhat rainy evening this Saturday 9th February. And what better way to build up the hype surrounding V ...

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The Sound of Music Author: Shishir Goenka   Posted On: 27 Jan 2019

My earliest memory of hearing an artist called Nigel dates back to more than a couple of decades ago. I was quite impressed by his style and flair for singing, and I made sure to attend to most of the ...

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Evening full of Chops Author: Debargho Sarkar   Posted On: 21 Jan 2019

  The stage was set brilliantly at the club last Friday for lovers of jazz and world music.Diageo, the global behemoth and seller of ardent spirits, brought to the club an amalgamation of ligh ...

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Playful, pleasurable picnic by DI Author: Roshan Choudhury   Posted On: 16 Jan 2019

[Editor's Note:  The Picnic was such an unqualified success that two of our Communications Team Members wrote up on it.  Since the perspectives were different, we decided to carry both a ...

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An Annual Picnic with a Difference Author: Amit Dutt   Posted On: 16 Jan 2019

[Editorial Note:  The Picnic was such a hit that two of our Communications Team members provided two different perspectives on the day.  This one is by Amit Dutt.  Another one by Roshan ...

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