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Zooming across the Net Author: Leslie D'Gama   Posted On: 29 Mar 2020

When the lockdown was announced early last week, we knew the kids were soon going to be super bored and difficult to manage.  An idea, born of a very successful online quiz that I had conducted w ...

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Wit, Wisdom and lots of Fun Author: Adrija Nair   Posted On: 18 Feb 2020

Sometimes all you need is to break the routine and have some fun! DI organised such a fun session for the kids on Saturday February 15, 2020. As 27 kids came together, they were quickly divided int ...

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Play Learn and Grow Together Author: Roshan Choudhury   Posted On: 20 Jan 2020

45 children gathered for the for the very first library workshop of 2020 on Saturday, 18 January 2020. The four teams, red, blue, yellow and green were quickly formed. Each team had a junior and a se ...

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Kids Camp Fun in the Sun Author: Christabel D'Gama   Posted On: 25 Nov 2019

The day started at 9:30 am sharp (well as sharp as it gets in the DI!) The kids trickled in and Uncle Les got them all into a circle to explain the rules for the camp. The most important rule? Saf ...

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A Bunch of Clever Minds Author: Adrija Nair   Posted On: 21 Oct 2019

A child doesn’t necessarily need a classroom to learn their lessons. When Learning is Fun, it can happen anywhere. Dalhousie Institute hosted “CleverMinds”, an initiative for kids on ...

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