Date: 03 Mar 2018 12:50 pm





Further to the notice dated 2nd March 2018 relating to stoppage of fine dining services by members of the DI Staff union, the Council has taken another step that reiterates its commitment to improve the overall experience for members of the DI.


In the past too the DI Staff union has not cooperated and has blocked every action relating to good service and improvement.  On multiple occasions, the Council as well as individual members have counselled/advised the DI Staff Union to desist from such unproductive intervention. The same has gone unheeded.  It is also a fact that the DI staff is the highest paid staff among clubs in Kolkata.


In view of all this, the Council has decided to put a NO TIPPING POLICY in place with immediate effect. The Council solicits the commitment of all members in implementing this.


We advise members not to tip bearers or any other member of Staff.


Those members doing so are liable to be summoned by the Council for further action leading to suspension/termination of membership.





Mrs. R. Crizzle

Council Member in Charge, Services