Date: 03 Mar 2018 12:50 pm

  NOTICE                                                                 02/03/2018



The Council is making every endeavour to improve quality of service and your dining experience at DI. With this in mind, starting today, we were to open a new exclusive fine Dining Hall (Main Building First Floor) with food and service by Sanjha Chulha.


However, DI staff members have illegally intervened and forcefully prevented the staff of Sanjha Chulha to serve food to members. We have tried to counsel the union members citing examples of other club in Kolkata. We have advised the Staff to refrain from preventing the activities of Sanjha Chulha.


However, there has been total non cooperation by members of the DI staff. They have not allowed our food partners to perform. The union members have not paid any heed to our advice and are continuing with their illegal activities.


In view of the above the council has no alternative but to shut the service in the upstairs dining hall. You may order and eat your meals anywhere else on the premises. This includes the lawn, main bar as well.



Mrs. Ruth Crizzle

Council Member In-charge-