Books and more

Over the years, several new facilities and activities have been and are being added to the institute. From the elderly to the fledgling, there is varied scope for DI members and their children to be involved, be it physical sports, intellectual games and events, or just socializing. The DI has made a name in being the “true family club” of Kolkata and now has a room exclusively for Family@DI.
The new, spruced up building, renamed Indoors@DI, is a feather in our collective cap.  It was inaugurated on December 17th 2017 and dedicated to 2801 current members, with a memorial to four of our young children who left us too early.  The names of the members and spouses are inscribed around the walls of the hall.
With the addition of new facilities at Indoors@DI, the club has so much more to offer.  In fact, the original purpose of "to promote the literary and scientific improvement of members by means of lectures, library, reading room" has been revisited in the formation of a new library on the ground floor - Books@DI.  Watch this space!