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DI gets busy in December Author:DI Newsdesk   Posted On:2017-12-19


Come December and DI gets superbusy!

Read on to find out what you missed during the first two weeks at DI.

The Christmas Bumper Housie held on 2nd Dec was a huge success. Record turnout and lavish gifts made the callers and the winners equally happy. For more details & snaps visit

The annual Jazz Fest was held at DI during the weekend of 8-10 December. Visit to read about the event’s highlights and also to view the bands and artistes who performed this year.

Children’s Christmas Tree Party on 17 Dec

The highlight of last week was Children’s Christmas Tree Party which was attended by more than a 1000 members and their families. To know more about the event and the big surprises of that day, visit

DI Cares on 18 Dec

More than 60 children from BUSTEE WELFARE CENTRE were hosted by DI on 18 Dec in a fun-filled afternoon with Santa Claus and his magic world of games and goodies bags! This is a tradition of the DI to show that we do care for the less privileged. For photos visit

Team DI at BRC Sports Carnival

DI overall runners up at BRC Carnival. Proud moment for DI as our teams in various sports disciplines competed against other clubs and helped DI rise up the charts as overall Runner-up. For images visit