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The Bar Opens at DI Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2022-09-19


Finally! The long-awaited opening of the Main Bar @ DI. The familiar wooden door opened again welcoming all as they walked into the Main Bar - a favourite haunt for many and house of innumerable happy memories.

Cheerful greetings, happy smiles were seen as DI members took seats. Drinks were ordered and picked up.
The distance the last two years created melted away as members caught up with one another. Animated conversations,  foot-tapping music, clinking of glasses to happy 'cheers' dominated the evening. Selfies were taken to capture this momentus celebration.

The re-opening of DI has been the re-opening of the 'other home' for its members.

Swimming, badminton, tennis, basketball, snooker, table tennis and the gym - all back for the sporty and health conscious. And of course for those looking for camaraderie and a healthy dose of laughter that follows each sporting session.
The Courtyard@DI is dotted with tables once more as members are enjoy their relaxation time with snacks and drinks.
The beautiful swimming pool with its inviting blue waters has members sitting alongside as they watch their children and friends swim. Children have certainly grown over the last two years!  Under the careful guidance of our Ashu-da, the tentative dips turn into confident strokes, laughter and fun as they lose their inhibitions and start swimming again.

We all await the time when we get back to the bands playing and people dancing in joyful abandon.
A big and grateful thank you to all those who have made all this happen for us members.