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DIwali Diwali Author:Mansi Kamani   Posted On:2022-10-27


DI was back in full swing with the Diwali night on Saturday October 22, 2022 on the Courtyard@DI and Lawns@DI. Members, young and old, and their guests all enjoyed the get-together with live music and scrumptious food. 

Members and their guests were met with the kids of the DI placing a Tilak on their foreheads as a traditional welcome. A Rangoli made by the ladies of the DI greeted visitors just inside the entrance.

The selfie corner was most popular with most people stopping to take pictures in front of the #DIwaliDiwali exhibit

The members and their guests meeting each other and exchanging Diwali Greetings had all the Diwali vibes. There was a very nice ambience with lights all around, a well-filled lawn, stage decor and lots of chatting between members who had missed each other for two years.

The anchors for the evening were Amit Dutt and Sulagna Mukhopadhyay - welcomed the guests, announced the band and brought in the spirit of Diwali through poems and passages fit for the occasion.

Music & Dancing

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the music by Imran Qaisar and his band, Mosiqi. Songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's made everybody groove to the music. 

There were songs like Gulabi Aankhen, Aaja Aaja and Mere Umar Ke Naujawano which were  crowd pullers.  More recent songs like Pasoori and 2000's songs like Koi Kahe made quite a few members rush to the dance floor. 

Food & Drink

The DIstillery Bar was busy with members enjoying the quick self-service. Ice buckets, glasses, trays and the wide assortment of beverages were available to members and guests.

Food counters by Dzomsa, Snack Break Cafe, Sanjha Chulha and Deeya Bati catered to the members' food cravings before dinner was announced. 

The Buffet dinner by Sanjha Chulha was a hit with all the members.  The non-vegetarians enjoyed the fish and chicken kebabs which accompanied the pulao, butter chicken and all the extras with rasamalai to top it off. The vegetarians were equally happy with the paneer and aloo substitutes.  The eat all you want ensured that no one went hungry!

Members Speak

We collected a few quotes from members who were present.  Here they are:

“The Musician is taking song requests. The guitar solos are really great”.

"It is good to be back after a long time".

"The food was upto expectations".

"Enjoying the food and the ambience".

"Waiting to go to the dance floor".

"The music is quite peppy. The members are not dependent on service, although the food could be improved".

"It is good to come back after a long hiatus. Such programs are helping us. The food is a genuine improvement. The members are apprehensive about self service but it is not a hindrance to entertainment".

"Getting Imran Qaisar has made the event successful. People came and DI has kept the standards. He was a good choice. I have been a member for the last 30 years".

Some members expressed displeasure and said, "We expect better days ahead".

A Council member said, "Thanks to members who support the DI by coming here in large numbers".

"Supporting them and giving them the right feedbacks to continue this program. Members have been doing a service to the club. Such members have been an impetus to the club" - A member.

Imran Qaisar Speaks

"Whenever I perform in the club I feel at home. The crowd here is so good that I really like to perform here. The ambience here is also good".