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DI-Lighted for Christmas Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2022-12-16


That gorgeous time of year, that joyful season is here again. DI marked the coming of the Yuletide by the lighting of the festive lights on Thursday, 15 December. 
Members enjoyed the lawns as our very own DI children shared interesting details about the symbols of Christmas. As each child spoke, we could see the gradual lighting of those very Christmas symbols, adding meaning to what each symbol represented. 
The DI lawns, decorated with Christmas lights and symbols looked joyous and cheerful. 
The festive Christmas feeling continued as Dia and Lief of 'Velvet Ladder' took stage and belted out one beautiful number after the next. Charmed by the cheerful feel and lured by the gorgeous music and singing, members started the traditional and famous 'line dancing'. Soon others joined in and one could feel that very special Christmas feel in the air again. 

We eagerly await the line-up of engaging events DI has planned for its members and guests. This is just the beginning.