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Sufi Evening - Indoors @DI Author:Debjani Basak   Posted On:2023-05-10




Music, they say, is an embodiment of the soul. 
Last Sunday, if you missed Sufi Night at Indoors@DI, you have definitely deprived yourself of some soul-searching moments. With the stage adorned with little twinkling strings of light, the hall in semi-darkness, tables aligned and laid with rose and tea green satin linen, the ambience was just right for magic to unfold.

Romance was in the air.  Snehendu, the vocalist of the band “Snehendu Sufi“ (comprising Anirban on Keyboard, Mahesh on guitar & Anish on percussion) opened the evening with Saiyyan (Kailash Kher’s original) sung in clear high notes that made all and sundry realize his expertise with Hindustani classical music. The mood was set as rhythm and rhapsody entwined. The audience was made to ride on a roller-coaster of emotions as the band put forth renditions like Piya Basanti re, Ranjish hi sahi, Aafreen, Aaj jaane ki zid na karo and many more such passionate scores. 

The ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh came alive with the band inducing taranas in a couple of his popular numbers like Tumko dekha to, Jhuki jhuki si  nazar and Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna. Well, it was then that you really wanted to live the night again!  Kesariyaa followed. Based on raag Khamaj, in his husky voice, the singer emitted tender emotions as he decorated the song with thumris. The experience was ethereal.

As the evening rolled on, our souls charmed, many an agitated mind calmed but our bodies went into throes of nutritional desire. To satiate the hunger pangs, steaming hot aromatic biryani and other Mughlai delicacies were served while the band took their break. Sanjha Chulha did a great job with the Mutton, Chicken and Veg Biryanis, Chicken Chaap and Paratha, Paneer Lababdar and Firni. Many members and their guests were seen with tall glasses overflowing with chilled draught beer. Could there have been a better alternative on a summer eve? 

The band returned after a short interval to play some more equally heart-warming melodies. Irrespective of whether one has read the works of Rumi or Amir Khusro, developed an ear for Sufi music and qawwali, this band had everyone floored with their music. The high intensity Dama Dam Mast Qalandar pulled folk out of their chairs to the dance floor. Runa Laila would have been proud! 
 On such a note, Monday peeped from round the corner and the beautiful evening held the promise of living on another day.