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Mixtape - A night to remember Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2023-07-17


Nostalgia knows no boundaries, it's what connects us regardless of the different paths our lives have taken. Someone once said, "each memory has a soundtrack of its own" but we all dance to the same music, specially when it's retro.

The DI Mixtape with DJ Sheikh, with English and Bollywood mashups, hit all the right chords. It called upon all to pull out our much loved polka dots, bell bottoms and donn the retro look. 

DJ Sheikh, a master at his craft, interwove popular English and Bollywood numbers and soon had the dancefloor full with tapping feet and happy smiles. Mr Sweeney set the floor on fire with his moves. From Raat baki to Humma Humma to Badan pe sitare the happy crowd grooved with the moves that defined these songs. Evergreen English numbers like La BbambaGive me hope Johanna always a favourite, were accompanied by the much loved Mysterious GirlSaturday NightSex Bomb - The songs that ruled the 90's. Everyone could be seen singing along with the lyrics of the much loved numbers.  

This unique nite pulled many and several new faces were seen enjoying the music, DI-Y drinks and food.

Prizes, sponsored by the club were given out by Bridgette Jones for the in-theme, best dressed person to Anita. The prize for Barbie Doll for the night went to Jhumur.  

To indulge the enthusiastic crowd DJ Sheikh continued playing much loved numbers for a few more minutes before wrapping up. 

While the bar had been pulsating with the music and dancing, lady monsoon paid a much awaited visit and the downpour cooled us all down as we headed home. 

What else could we ask for after such a night?