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Dil Chahta Hai A Bollywood themed evening Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2023-07-23


Bollywood is an emotion. On the night of 22 July, members at DI experienced emotion with melody with the beautiful and talented Emeli and her crew comprising Prossono on Guitar, Anirban on the keyboard, and Tushar on drums.

 Sponsors, Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection, Magic Moments Verve MusicStudio, in association with t2, brought this very special evening to the DI. The spacious Indoors@DI was the chosen venue for this theme night. 

The entrance adorned with film reels and cameras welcomed guests and members to the Big Bollywood night planned. The proverbial red carpet had been rolled out with the attractive selfie corner with a shimmering red curtain, with reels of our favourite stars that invited one and all. We all took turns to click and post our pictures. 

Emeli and her crew took to the stage and started the night with “Tum mile’, ‘Gazab ka hai din’, telling the audience that this was going to be a brilliant Bollywood night. Soon little Zayn Ali, all of 3 years, beckoned by the music, took to the dance floor and was a delight to watch. His high-octane performance of air-guitaring and dance invited other children to join him and soon we had a little band of children grooving to the music. 

By 9 Pm the Indoors@DI was full. Enticed by the music Reva Kapoor, ravishing in red, took to the dancefloor on the beat of ‘Raabta’ and was awarded the prize for the first adult on the dancefloor. This was the first prize for the night that promised many more prizes, ahem ‘awards’ since we are after all, talking Bollywood. 

Our much-loved retro numbers like ‘Yeh shyaam mastano,’ ‘O mere dil ke chein’ lured more Bollywood enthusiasts to the dancefloor. 

Our very talented member, Raju Raman, took to the dance floor and floored the women with his energetic moves. He went on to be awarded the Best Male dancer award for the night. 

We had two pretty little girls who danced with abandon and were awarded the little Barbie girls award by our star singer Emeli. The gorgeous Sanchari won the title of ‘Barbie Girl’. 

After the little break for the awards, Emeli shared she would now like to sing songs on ‘dosti and dost’  (friendship and friends) and started with the ever popular, ‘Yeh dil tumhare pyaar ka mara hai doston’. Friends began singing to this number as they danced with joy. 

Several more awards awaited and were unanimously awarded. The award for the:

Best dancer female went to – Sunita Kapoor who demonstrated her favourite dance step

Best dancer male went to - Raju Raman

Best dancer Kids went to - Sierra and Drishaan

Best Bollywood dressed - Anita.  This was her third award in this category in the row at the DI.

Special mention for in-theme dressing – Debjani and Roshan Choudhury. 

Some more awards were given to our enthusiastic DI children, Divyaansh and Aarav who enjoyed dancing with abandon and were ecstatic for the recognition. 

Evergreen Bollywood favourites like ‘Intehan ho gayi’, ‘damadam mast kalandar’ had all dancers on the floor and invoked an acrobatic backroll from the agile Anup. 

What makes such nights extra special is how such nights truly define the fabric of the DI – family and friends. Nidhi and Sierra, mother-daughter duo rocked the dancefloor. Aunty and nephew, Debjani and Drishaan, danced with abandon. The DI is home for many of us who spend time at DI – playing the wide array of sports it has to offer, spending quality time with family and friends, listening to brilliant bands and dancing away. Food (and drinks) of course, plays a major role in the experience, and this weekend, the focus was on lip-smacking chaats and sumptuous South Indian food by Deeya Bati. 

“The evening was extremely convivial,” says Debashis, a visitor from the US.

This Bollywood themed night left us with – Dil Chahta Hai – More !!