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A Picnic of Fun and Frolic Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2020-01-13


Fun and frolic @ DI Picnic 2020
A day spent amidst nature in the company of friends. This is what was accomplished on Sunday, 12 January 2020 at the Annual DI picnic. Over 130 members and their guests arrived at Prosenjit's bagan bari near Bibirhat, some in the two picnic buses, some in their cars and our SK on his swanky Harley Davidson cruiser.

The beautiful picnic spot was much, much larger than a "spot". With a long beautiful driveway lined with tall palm trees, ample parking space, two inviting gardens, a beautiful bungalow, a large pond and several fields around, our picnic spot was perfect as was the sunny weather.

Fun, frolic and games awaited the happy picnickers. Our enthusiastic Leslie, assisted by bubbly liquids, with energetic helpers - Tanya, Lorraine, Jacquie and Shaheen - took charge of ensuring that we all had fun. In his inimitable style Leslie ensured that all - the young 'uns, mummies, daddies and grandparents -  all participated in the various games and activities planned for the day.

Games and activities
Two teams, comprising children, ladies and men played against each other, led by young captains Armaan and Aansh.
In one of the first games, Leslie asked the two teams to stand in a straight line each and pass a tennis ball under their legs. Seeing the ladies trying to pass the ball, Leslie commented that the game would have been more interesting with ladies in saris. It certainly would have added 9 yards to the laughter and fun!

The teams were again asked to stand in a line, and this time had to jump over a rope and run back. The competitive spirit had both the teams 'cheating two and a half times each' as declared by the judge.

Lorraine as the great Queen of Sheba had the two teams scramble around as they tried to meet her interesting demands. From a man wearing 2 different socks to the name of the chef cooking lunch, from car keys to numerous coins, the list was endless.

Sportingly Faiyaz wore ladies' high heels and posed when Queen of Sheba asked for a man wearing ladies high heels. Nicola tried to teach him to walk the catwalk for laughs.  The last wish was made by the Queen's special envoy - Children and ladies were asked to get the jacket of DI President, Jayajit Biswas. The gang ran to Jayajit, sitting peacefully, totally unaware that he was going to be targetted by Sheeba's enthusiastic subjects. The ensuing tussel resulted in the jacket stretching from L to XL.

Finally after tallying the points scored over various games, Armaan's Team B won and everyone received a box of Cadbury celebrations chocolate.  All the children from Team A and some from No Team also received chocolates from a generous Tanya!

Whilst the children and mummies enjoyed the games curated and conducted by the Entertainment Team, we had men playing their all-time favourite sport - Cricket.

Caption: Not a beer drinking contest. Leslie explains the rules of a game.

In one corner of the garden lay a familiar long thick rope - our DI Tug of war rope. The rounds for children and women were decisive with the same side winning both the rounds. It was the men's round that went into a nail-biting tie-breaker. Jayajit's and Michael's teams competed with each other. The action on the two sides of the rope travelled to the centre of the rope which had Stafford standing on it. As soon as the whistle blew, Stafford flew high up in an arc and landed on the grassy field. Getting Stafford 'high' became the talk of the afternoon.

Jayajit's team was victorious and this thrilling match invoked applause from all. Enthused by all this excitement, suggestions for men v/s women tug of war were heard.

Caption: Council Stalwarts Miraj Shah and Samir Doshi know their ropes!

The rope, once again lay on the soft grass and little Saanvika could be seen making her doll walk on the rope, afte rall why should she and her little doll not enjoy the historic rope?

After the games, music filled the air - multiple DJs belted out their favourites.
All the activity did not tire out our DI children and they could be seen dancing to the music. Jaden taught his little friends to dance like the famous 'Dominic the Donkey' and all the children were happily copying him and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Jenna Vincent got on the floor and started Line dancing with the children. Jackie and Debbie joined in and taught the children how to follow their steps. Most adults could be seen sitting in their chairs, too full from the morning breakfast and generous and delicious snacks to dance, not to mention plenty of liquid relaxants!

After the sumptuous lunch, two rounds of Housie was conducted and we had Nicola, Sandra and another lady, win twice each as the rest vied to win even once.

Food, food and food
Hot peas kachuri with cholar dal and aloo dum awaited the happy picnickers as they got off the bus. The all time favourite, Dorbesh added the sweet note to the winter-special breakfast. All washed down by some hot, sweet tea.

Trays laden with delicious snacks started making the rounds soon after breakfast, as the games ensued in the garden. The generous snacks layout comprised crisp fish fry, french fries, cheese balls, gondhoraj chicken, paneer pakoras. Everyone enjoyed the hot favourites on the winter morning. Winter is known to build up appetite and we all made good of the built up appetite and the splendid layout of snacks.

The drinks counter, had complimentary cold-drinks available for all and with other beverages on payment. The children enjoyed availing the free cold-drinks as many times they wanted. The adults were seen sipping chilled beer and breezers.

The menu for the picnic lunch was perfect and had all the picnic favourites. The sumptuous lunch comprised Dehradun rice, moong dal with green peas, jhuri aloo bhaja,  cauliflower vegetable curry, shahi chicken, mutton kasha for the non-vegetarians.
For the vegetarians, the non-veg was replaced by delicious vegetable cutlets, gobi roast and shahi paneer.

The warm delicious food was relished by all. DI very thoughtfully, made lunch free for children under 10 years of age. This was just as well, since most were seen enjoying on their all time favourites - rice, dal and aloo jhuri bhaja rather than the chicken and mutton that was favoured by the appreciative adults.

Dessert consisted of nolen gur rasagolla and jal bhara sandesh.
We were served tea and biscuits before we left in the evening. After having eaten delicious food all day, most would have skipped dinner, just like me.

The DI picnic was a huge success. Thanks to the President, Jayajit Biswas, the entertainment committee, led by Tanya and her team Shaheen and Lorriane with Jacquie, Debbie and a few others assisting, the food committee led by Michael and Debbie, the untiring host Leslie. This memorable day would not have been possible without all the effort put in voluntarily by the team.

Caption: Seven Council Members take time off for a photo shoot!

[Photo credits: Tanya Robinson, Miraj Shah - more photos are on Facebook and the Website.  Please see the videos on various events which are on our Facebook page.]