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A Ghostly Get Together Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2023-11-25


It was a chilly eerie dark night
Shadows moved slowly in a sliver of light
A whispering sound
A Blood curling screech all around
Along came a spooky parade
All of tender ages and ready to raid
From vampires, zombies to witches,
Count Dracula, Devil and pirates.
This was a gathering like none other
A Childrens day - Halloween ghostly get-together

The ghostly brigade gathered on the evening on Friday, 17 November 2023, displaying their spooky innovative costumes.  The excitement was palpable as the spooky brigade cheered on their other ‘kindred spirits’. The scary army consisted of several Draculas, vampires, pirates, witches, wizards, a few walking dead zombies, a sword wielding hero, a spiderman and a magician. This 60 plus strong entourage was here to celebrate Childrens Day in a very DI-stinctive style.

The venue, Zach’s Lounge lent itself to the theme with its black and white setting. Occasional splash of colour by carved pumpkins broke the shadow n light, black and white setting. A scary skeleton hung by the side as did the ghost of Casper.

This ghostly evening started with some deadly games.


The first game of ‘The four corners’ had the spooky swarm aged between 6 to 18 years run to the corners, abode of Casper- the friendly ghost, the Black cat, Scary Bat and the Carved Pumpkin. Our resident very talented gypsy soothsayer Shaheen selected her favourite corners, ending the game for some till only 4 kids remained. Finally, Devanshi, a guest won this game and was jubilant as she received her prize.


A light-hearted session of ‘The Limbo’ followed. All participated as the bar kept going lower prompting our nimble children to showcase their talent. We were witness to very interesting four-legged spider crawls, upside-down spiderman crawls, some regular human baby crawls. Mishal and  Christan were unanimously judged to have executed the Limbo dance best and received their prizes.

A best-dressed competition followed where our spooky friends were judged not only on their costume but also on their spooky performance. Aashi, our cute little brown cat purred, Pirates Dylan and Mishal were ready to kill with their charm, Wizard Jayden was ready to vanquish all at the spin of his wooden stick, the Karate kid, and the sword wielding hero were there to rescue from the Zombies and the walking dead Urvish. Wednesday Adams Kairah wowed all. The teen trio of Ishana, Divisha and Devanshi dressed to showcase the popular game ‘Kiss-Marry-Kill’. A suave James Bond and a few MIB were also a part of the brigade.

Count Dracula Shayaan Alam won this round with his innovative flip spider crawl that awed all.

A quick round of Left-right game left everyone hungry. Winners Dylan Tims and Kairah Dabriwal received their prizes.

The evening had started with popcorn for the kids and after the energetic round of games, a sumptuous snack session awaited.


A spooky feast of colourful ghost-frosted cupcakes, cheese sandwiches, vegetable cutlets with French fries and a cool refreshing drink of ‘Dracula’s Blood’ awaited. As the children headed towards the food section, a wise announcement was made asking children to be responsible and not waste food. A tray had been set up for children to put back what they didn’t want to eat. Soon we saw the tray filling up. This thoughtful initiative saved a lot of food that would have otherwise seen the bottom of a bin. This is an initiative that should definitely be followed in the future.


The DJ console was set up and managed by the very talented DJ Junaid Sheikh, an economics honours student by day and a DJ by night. The young DJ played one popular number after the other as the spirited legion was ready to hit the dance floor. The teens could be seen dancing with abandon on their very own dancefloor with their very own DJ. The bright selfie corner was a popular spot.


This Children’s day celebration brought in the flavour of the Halloween for our Kids@DI and was a super success. The Entertainment team comprising our beautiful emcee Brinelle, our mystic soothsayer Shaheen, the busy behind the scenes workers Anjana, Loraine and Rajasree led by Tanya, helped put together this event brilliantly. Without the planning and hard work of Entertainment team ladies, none of our events would be possible.

This was a spirited night to remember.

Audience speak:

Ishana Gambhir: I am Ishana Gambhir and it was an amazing party. The organisation was very good the fun varied from like kids to old people (referring to teenagers). Overall it was good and everyone dressed up well too.

Dylan Tims: The party today was amazing, there were so many fun games and the food was good too. I dressed up as a pirate.

Mishal Faiyaz: Hello I'm Mishal, the party was really fun and I just wanted to say a really big thank you to all the aunties who organised this party. I hope we can have more parties like this in the future but today was so much fun and all my friends and I enjoyed a lot