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Christmas Light Up & Christmas Fair Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2023-12-26


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The Yuletide season started at DI with a bang with a host of activities planned as we bring in this joyous season.

Cake mixing

DI hosted its first ever cake mixing session complete with delicious Mulled wine tasting. The events team had kept everything ready at Indoors@ID. The tempting aroma of spicy mulled wine greeted the ladies of DI as they gathered for this momentous occasion. The delicious, mulled wine warmed our hearts as we cheered to the start of this joyous journey.

Alisha, our in house baking guide donned on the chef’s hat as she guided us all through the nuances of cake mixing, sharing both the history of this tradition that started in the 17th century and some  tips that only an expert knows.

It was a merry occasion as we added the various ingredients to the mix - from cut cherries, currants, almond flakes to that pinch of cinnamon and caraway seeds. Generous amounts of brandy, wine and rum were added. Much cheering and fun ensued as we learnt why raisins were added after the wine. Alyssa announced that she would be carrying back the three trays of mixes with her and we await the cake that will have the fruits of our labour.

Wonderful treats by Saldanha bakery awaited - bite-sized cheese sandwiches, cheese puffs, mushroom tarts, macaroons and deliciously chewy chocolate cookies.

The cherry on the icing was slices of rich Christmas cake that awaited us.

Mini Christmas Carnival

As the cake mixing progressed indoors, the Lawns@DI was getting ready for the mini Christmas carnival. Members could be seen decorating their stalls. Each stall looked resplendent with all the Christmas finery and with a host of interesting Christmassy goods that our members had put up for sale.

The tables set out filled up and members could be seen moving from stall to stall as they enjoyed the eclectic festive collection. From gorgeous crotchet Christmas decorations, to hand made jewellery and beautiful sketches made by our talented members. From Christmas themed stationery, candles to beautiful clothing and not to forget the tempting array of deserts made by our members.

Christmas Light-up

Members enjoyed the festive cool winter evening  and soon it was time for the Christmas light up. All lights were dimmed and music played and slowly the Christmas lights at DI were lit. The golden lights shaped like snowflakes, bells, stars and the Christmas gave our DI the true festive sparkle.

Jayajit, DI President, addressed all, signalling the start of the Christmas festivities at The Dalhousie Institute. He spoke about the rich history and heritage of our club and gave a glimpse of what awaited members this season.

‘Velvet Ladder’ added to the spirited mood with their wonderful music. They started the evening with ‘Hello’ and the belted out one popular number after another and had members on the dance floor.

It had been an evening of merriment in so many forms, each special and to be cherished.

We look forward to what else is in store for us this Yuletide season.