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DI Carnival Ushers in Winter Author:Roshan Choudhury and Debargho Sarkar   Posted On:2018-11-27


That the Winter Carnival on Sunday November 25th at the DI was an unqualified success, is needless to reiterate. The numbers spoke for themselves.  35 Food stalls, 53 non-food stalls and 4 games stalls, plus a kiddies' corner with popcorn, candyfloss, a bouncy castle and a footfall of around a thousand people proved the point.  So, in a break from tradition we're going to let two of our members tell their own particular stories.  We'll add an editorial comment at the end.

When life hands you lemons ...

by Roshan Choudhury

The Winter Carnival @ DI is always a much awaited event for me. I enjoy the splendid array of food and shopping. This year was different. This year my family and I were behind the counters, serving all those who came to our stall. 

We decided to give our daughter, Suhana, an experience where she would learn invaluable skills like being responsible, keeping track of what is happening and of course see the application of maths in real life. 

We decided a Lemonade stall would be manageable for an 8 year old. We pondered if people would want to have lemonade in winter and decided to also offer hot coffee.  Enthused by the idea we went along to New Market and bought all the ingredients. From lemons to milk for  the coffee, from cups to glasses with straws we came home with a car full of all that we thought we would need for our very first family venture. 

The day started early for us. We were at our stall and got it set up. Lemons were squeezed , lemonade made and we were ready to go. We quickly made friends with all stall owners around us. Another little girl, Nitya was selling delicious home made chocolates in the next stall.

The day flew by and so did the delicious goodies, off all the counters. Suhana was the cashier. She learned to calculate bills, give back correct change and keep tally of the cups sold. 

Enticing aromas tempted us to try out the delicious goodies. From sweet chillie chicken sandwiches, to momos, khow swey, vindaloo, sausages, we relished everything.

It was a lovely afternoon and people could be seen sitting in the lawn basking in the sun. I could see people enjoying beer, buying wonderful stuff, children playing games and all having a great time. 

At our stall we saw lemonade disappear off the counter in the afternoon. By the evening coffee became the drink of choice. By the end of the day we had aching legs and a broad smile on our faces. It had been a day of tremendous learning and fun. We loved our day at the DI Carnival. 

We live to eat, we eat to live

by Debargho Sarkar

The Lawns@DI was abuzz with festive mood at the annual winter carnival held at the club last Sunday, the 25th of November, 2018. Like most members, this is a date I look forward to with much interest so that I can soak in the sun with family and friends and sample the wide array of delectable food and beverages on offer.

Arriving at half past noon, I barely made it into the car park when the attendants announced that the car park was full. 

The DI lawn was brightly decorated with red and white canopied areas and people were flocking to the stalls in droves. My friends and I immediately set out to discover the food on offer. and we weren't disappointed! 

There were chicken and pork vindaloos, Khow-sueys, Biryanis, momos, sandwiches, pies, sausages, kababs, parathas, Firnis, and a delicious spread of desserts: tarts, cakes, pastries, waffles and chocolates. There was a stall selling protein health powders on display too, for the health conscious.

We immediately decided to settle down with glasses of tasty lemonade being sold by a young lady of eight years. Next we sampled pork balls, momos, mince meat singharas and fish sui-mais (which were completely sold out soon after).

There were quite a few games stalls and we tried our hand at shooting at the balloons, unsuccessfully, I might add. 

All in all, it was a wonderful Sunday and my guests complimented us on how festive the club environment felt and until the next winter festival, I shall try my utmost to keep my hunger pangs at bay.

Editorial Comment

Managing an event of this size, the largest ever Carnival at the DI, requires months of meticulous planning and on the ground support which few of the visitors ever glimpse.  Tanya Robinson and her team, mainly Aniruddha Sen, Shaheen, Brinelle, Minu, supported by Teresa and Deepak in the office ensured that the entire control of the venue with decor, lighting, music, sound in both the hall and outside, were well under control. 

Pop-up events like the Beer Wheel and Chocolate Wheel were a great success.  DJ Leon added zing to the music and sound.  Emcees Daniel and Leslie made the day more interesting with quips and comments and sales pitches that could be heard at the Ice Skating Rink.  Much thanks must go to the Council, primarily led by Jayajit Biswas, Kisor Sen and fronted by the ever-present Michael Rao, for making this event happen.  We often forget the Valets at the gate, the Stewards and the support staff who struggle behind the scenes under the watchful gaze of Mrs Crizzle, Deyon and team -- without them nothing would happen.

And though the winter wasn't ushered in with snowfall, it was quite a windfall for the stall owners and the club -- a fitting kick off to the festive season.