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Pagal Pani - Fun in the Pool Author:Bisakha Sen   Posted On:2018-04-03


Easter Sunday, the 1st of April, was anything but a Fool's Day @ DI,as about 50 children launched themselves from one game into another, through Easter Egg Hunt to Pagalpani.

The DI DaredevilsLightningSwimming Sharks and Avengers, the teams into which the little ones were divided, set the swimming pool on fire with some high voltage participation and why not!!! They had emcee Ryan Shaw egging them on.

Imagine standing in the pool and trying  to build a three layer human pyramid. That was the ask of the first game - "Building human pyramid", in which team Avengers took the honours.

The second game had the teams diving deep for sunken treasure. Team DI Daredevils bagged the winning prize with the highest collection of coins.

The third game, "Can the Can" tested the marksmanship of the participants. Each team was given 20 tennis balls to hit 6 cans kept outside the pool. Although two of the teams managed this feat, Team Lightning was awarded the winning prize having been able to knock down all the cans with five balls to spare.

Not to be left behind, the Swimming Sharks won the final game of the day - the T-shirt exchanging swimming relay.

With an audience of parents and other members cheering the children on, it was hardly a surprise that each of the four teams took top honours in a game each while proving to be tough opponents in those they could not. It must be said that despite their ages, the participants displayed excellent team work & collaboration.

Prizes of chocolates were unloaded on to the winning teams and tasty refreshments soon followed as the children had earned the much needed energy refill.