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Egg-citing Eggs-travaganza @DI Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2018-04-02


Egg-citing Eggs-travaganza @DI

Bright yellow and white balloons welcomed all as families came together on this beautiful day of April 1 2018, to celebrate the joyous day of Easter. The lush green lawns had been transformed into a hunting ground for our DI children. Pretty balloons danced in the gentle breeze. Cute hand-made cut-outs of eggs and chicks by Brinelle and Shaheen dotted the lawns adding to the festive spirit.

As parents took their seats, our DI children gathered on the courtyard@DI. Soon after the games began with Easter Bunny Says. The Easter Bunny was surely in a fun mood as he made the children hold their little noses, catch their toes, jump. ‘Mr Easter Bunny is surely the best’ a little one noted. On the job also, was our very first intern, Veer Kundalia, who dedicatedly worked on his first assignment –capturing the fun and frolic the Easter Bunny had in store for us. He surely did a good job as he happily clicked away. At another end of the courtyard, Little Agastya found the wait for the Easter egg hunt too long and starting his own hunt.

The next game up was Dog and the Bone. Children were divided into two teams and the hunt for team names began. Names like Batman were vetoed by Easter Bunny Gary since they were ‘too old’. Finally the team names were decided – ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Black Panther’. A red napkin was placed strategically in between the two teams and the game began. As participants from the two opposing teams vied to run away with the much-coveted bone – the red napkin – within the stipulated time of 30 seconds, the point rally started. Eager participants from each team waited for their numbers to be called. Soon Iron Man started leading with 7 points against Black Panther with 6 points. Parents cheered on the teams and much laughter ensued when one child ran off without the bone, or when number 5 forgot his number. When number 7 was called, perfectly matched Iron Man Jaden faced Black Panther Jeda. Both looked adorable as they tried to take the bone. Points climbed as each vied to reach the winning total of 21 points. Iron Man kept up its lead with 20 points to Black Panther’s 15 points. The final call of Number One made Iron Man the number one team. We all remember playing this game as children and it was a delight to see our children enjoying our favorite game with Gary as he conducted the game with infectious enthusiasm.

Soon it was time for the much awaited Easter Egg Hunt. Sunny yellow eco-friendly bags were given out to children who were divided into age wise categories. The youngest age group was given the green signal first and soon the other children joined the littlest ones. Children scrambled around as they looked for Easter eggs and treats the Easter Bunny had hidden for them all over the DI lawns – in potted plants, behind bushes, under tables, near the trees. Our DI children thoroughly combed through lawns and soon came beaming ear to ear, to hand over their ‘treasure’ to their ‘safe-keeper’ parents. Each loot bag contained Easter eggs, precious and tasty ‘gems’, jewels on sticks - ‘lollipops’, perky ‘Perks’, healthy Nutribars and much more. 

After depositing their loot, children made their way back to the DI lawns where Gary was eager to conduct another fun game – this time races. Children were again divided into age wise categories and the first race was for the youngest group of 6 and below. As each group began the race with “ready steady go”, two year old Eli, proved to be the most eager participant in the races. After the first race, he decided he really liked running and ran the race with the next group, and his 7-year old brother, Ari, and every age group that followed. When the races were over, Eli decided to run solo, shouted “Ready steady Go’ and raced himself, much to the delight of the audience.

After all the fun and games, the children gathered to sing the beautiful ‘Doe a Deer’. All the games and excitement made the children hungry. They lined up to receive their delightful Easter boxes filled with the cutest Easter basket cupcakes, chick-faced macaroons, delicious cheesy tarts and sandwiches by Saldanha Bakery. A cool drink of Maaza soon followed.

The children surely loved the fun, games, food and were delighted to learn that the fun of the evening was not over. The annual fun filled ‘Pagal Pani’ was to follow. A new item on the menu, the delicious thin crust pizzas flew off the counters with repeat orders.

Soon after the Pagal Pani was over, a nor’wester arose, cooling down the hot April day. The evening was a grand success and very well organized by Brinelle, Shaheen, Minu, Tanya, Sagarika and Michael with the delicious food. The MC Ryan did a great job of cheering the teams. Each organizer breathed a silent prayer of gratitude that the skies opened up only after the games closed.