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How Santa’s little Elves spread Christmas cheer Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2017-12-21


Excitement was palpable in the ‘green room’ aka the ladies room by the swimming pool. Santa’s little elves, our star performers for the evening, buzzed around donning their costumes for the evening. Eager performers awaited their turn as our two kind make-up fairies, Kavita Rao and Saba Ali Firoz dusted and dabbed some magic powder and colour on each child. Wearing make-up is a dream-come-true for most little girls, and a horror story for little boys. While most little girls cherished the attention of our lovely fairies, little boys squirmed to get away. Little Jaden hid behind his Mum, refusing to be dusted by the fairies. The threat of having to wear lip-colour if he didn’t co-operate finally got him to bear the single brush of blush on each cheek, before he dashed way. Mothers helped their little ones to  get ready for the magical evening which was to come.

Outside, in the crisp winter night, by the pool, a group of children pondered on whose Santa cap lay afloat in the middle of the swimming pool.

Soon it was time for the final performance and the gracious MC, Daniel Johns, made his announcements. Charming Christabel made the audience laugh, as she reminded us how Jesus Christ was born in a stable in a manger and not in a nursing home, as it is these days. The cheerful choir, in two groups spanning ages 7 to 70, started the evening with Silent Night. The giant screen displayed the words of each song, and soon we had the appreciative audience sing along. And one by one the sound of beautiful Christmas carols charged up the crisp winter air.  All time favourites like Joy to the world,  Jingle bell rock, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer were beautifully sung by the talented choir. Rocking around the Christmas Tree, had little Rayd and Mishal blow an air trumpet each as they enjoyed clowning for the eager audience.

The wonderful news of DI finishing second in the BRC interclub carnival added joy and a feeling of pride to the evening.  13 clubs participated across 11 disciplines, and our DI teams won 3 events and were runners up for 2 events.  We won the trophy for Poker and a trophy for exceptionally good performance.  Congratulations to all those who participated and represented DI. You have done us proud.

As the melodious notes of Last Christmas filled the air, little dancers in Christmas colours of red and green started their beautiful dance. A sure treat to watch, as one after the other, beautiful performances followed.

13 year old, Meghna’s soulful singing of 'Everyday is Christmas' had everyone spellbound.  Loud applause followed the final notes of her performance. Little dancers in cute Santa caps enthusiastically danced to the Jingle bells song.

Our talented teens, wearing cute green skirts, danced on All I want for Christmas.  Another beautiful dance on My only wish presented by our DI children soon followed.

A stunning performance by Meghna and Farzaan on Under the Mistletoe received thunderous applause from the audience.  Talented Meghna beautifully choreographed and performed to the appreciative audience.

Shayne mesmerized everyone with his wonderful rendition of O Holy Night, and made us all truly cherish the joyous Christmas time of the year.

The grand finale of the evening was phenomenal. The tradition of the Nativity Scene was acted out in Melissa’s graceful dance as the Star of Bethlehem on Rejoice Emmanuel,  as the three wise men, shepherds, Mary and Joseph came on stage. The cute little sheep, covered up in cotton deserves special mention.  

All participants were called on stage for the curtain call and a loud round of applause indicated the appreciation. Special thanks to the hard work of the organisers Aanya and Rhea and all the helpers and participants for a wonderful show.

As a mark of respect, our senior citizens were specially invited to get their barbecue dinners ahead of the rest.  By the end of the evening 423 succulent barbecues had been served to a packed lawn and courtyard.

A lovely evening of joyful Christmas cheer in the spruced up, beautiful DI was a treat to treasure. Curious members searched for their names in the splendid Indoors@DI Hall. As a DI member I surely felt proud of the new facilities, beautiful lighting and the lovely evening that went by. 

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