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Santa comes to DI Author:Aniruddha Sen   Posted On:2017-12-19


Over the recent years, DI has been welcoming the festive spirit of Christmas and gearing up for the New Year by hosting the Children's Christmas Tree Party in mid-December.

This year, however, the Tree Party had not one but two big surprises in store for all members and their families, apart from the usual events lined up for the day.

The crispy and sunny winter afternoon of Sunday (17 Dec) saw kids leading the path to DI, with their parents in tow! This is one event at DI where kids get a preference and privilege over their parents!

And quite rightly so. With a huge obstacle course, complete with bouncing platforms giving the adrenaline rush to the older kids, the ball pool and the trampoline nets for the younger kids and the much-sought-after popcorn and candyfloss counters almost lost from view because of the crowd of kids, it sure looked the perfect Sunday at DI. Happy kids, excited youngsters & chirpy teens - you could see them everywhere!

And then in the middle of all of this came along Santa, ringing his signature bell! Eager kids accompanied Santa as he made his way - not the gifts - but the first surprise of the afternoon!

Santa inaugurated the new venue at DI, aptly named “INDOORS@DI”.

Months of planning and nightlong work ensured that DI could present its members with this swanky and classy venue for future parties, events and other memorable occasions. It was a delight to simply stand in the middle of this spacious venue, surrounded by the names of all the 2,801 current members and their spouses – engraved alphabetically on the upper panels of the hall!

The wooden interiors and the unique design kept the members and their kids engrossed, with everyone trying to trace their names!

Meanwhile, Santa retired for his much needed rest (having travelled all the way from Lapland to DI) before starting the gift distribution.

More than 200 kids settled down on the matted floor at INDOORS@DI and welcomed Santa by singing Jingle Bells while he in turn settled down. Then Santa and his team distributed gifts.... From the youngest (2 months old) to the eldest (15 years), the bearded, portly man dressed in red and white had gifts for all the children!

As evening descended, the special Christmas lights on the tree and at all corners and buildings were lit. There was an “awww” from the gathering, followed by a moment of silence as everyone wanted to soak in the glow and warmth of the first lights of the season - thanks to DI!

Then, the silence was broken by David! David who?

Well David was the second surprise of the evening that had the young and the old glued to their seats! Illusionist ‘Amazing David’ is one of India's most unique magicians and is appreciated by laymen and fellow performers alike. He has been on major television shows on networks like Star, Sony and Zee.

What many consider as magic is actually illusion - and that’s what David showed on stage at Courtyard@DI.

Pulling up random members from the audience, he performed acts of illusion that kept everyone in the audience in total awe of his skills! Some of his acts weren't for the faint-hearted, and yet he performed them with aplomb!

The snacks boxes for the day had delectable cookies and savouries to suit the kids and their parents! And the evening tea provided just the right refreshment for the members! Piping hot tea - served right on to your table - with traditional Christmas cake pampered the members as they watched the winter afternoon transform into a lit-up festive and fun-filled evening, setting the mood for the rest of the season!

As Santa said: “Ho,Ho,Ho children! And a Merry Christmas!”

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