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Luck of the Bumper Draw Author:Aniruddha Sen   Posted On:2017-12-04


The mood was electric and the stakes high....for it was a very special event at DI.

A record turnout and equally exciting promise of prizes kept the entire Play Zone at DI super-charged as luck played its way at the Christmas Bumper Housie.

Being the last housie event of the year at DI, the evening saw members and guests taking charge of their tables early on, armed with pens, markers, pencils and waiting to try out their luck. Record sales of housie tickets made way for six rounds of nail-biting calls and claims!

Being the Christmas Bumper Housie, there were three callers for the evening who kept the audience engaged over intense who-wins-it moments with their 'two fat ladies', 'summer of 69' and may more innovative calls.

Several bogey calls followed - only to be washed down amid loud 'Thank God' exclamations!

For everyone wanted a slice of the cake - and what a cake it was!

From induction cookers to coffee sets to microwave bowls as gifts in kind along with cash gifts starting at almost the ticket price (so you break even - right?) to hitting the roof (mini bumper was almost 20 times the ticket price and super bumper was almost 100 times the ticket price), the stakes went up with each passing round!

As the bearers wound their way amid the web of tables and chairs, filling up the glasses and plates with the offers of the day, regulars at this event kept a keen eye on the callers too - for they ensured that the 'shuffling' took place as needed!

The checkers and the callers performed in unison - while the potential winners chewed off the pen in excitement!

At the end of two hours of play, winners from the six rounds went home happy and lucky while the rest teamed up to update each other on next month's housie date at DI.

The grand winners were:

Sangeeta & Valerie shared the SUPER BUMPER HOUSE and while Roselyn won the second house at SUPER BUMPER round. All the 3 winners went home happy with almost 50-100 times of their ticket price back as award! 

Overall, the evening belonged to the ladies as they won most of the rounds while the men 'kept their spirits high' - all in hope of winning at the next Housie in January at DI.