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DIVINE DIVAS at DI Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2017-11-27


The much-awaited Diva night finally arrived on Nov 24, and with it, arrived the Divas, ready to let their hair down with their dancing shoes on.  Each Diva received a complimentary drink. Thank you DI.

 Hereafter’s beautiful rendition of Modjo’s, ‘Lady, you’re my delight’ got our Divas on the dance-floor by 8.42, just 15 minutes into the special night. Lovely surprises awaited our Divas with our ‘Lady in Red’, Cathy receiving the first of many prizes, a coveted ‘spirited’ bottle from Aunty Joyce.

Lead singer Krystan , enjoyed the evening and confessed, on behalf of the band, to feeling both ‘specially privileged’ and ‘intimidated’, being the only 4 male members at the ladies night.  His address of ‘ladies and gentlemen’ to the avid, appreciative audience had to be corrected, since they were the only gentlemen allowed to be a part of the Diva night.

Enthusiastic participation soon had our lovely ladies requesting their favourite numbers to be played, and Hereafter graciously performing. The selfie corner had our Divas posing, pouting and enjoying themselves.

Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’, an all time favourite, beautifully played by Hereafter had all ladies lighting up the dance floor, before the break. Soon tables with beer bottles were set up on the dance floor and thus began the beer drinking competition. The first prize of brunch-for-two vouchers sponsored by Taj Gateway  was won by Karuna, Brinelle won the second prize of breakfast-for-two.

The Lucky Seat game had Kriti with Sweet 16 and Manisha with Terrific 3 win this game of luck. Gift vouchers for a manicure & pedicure and a lovely gift bag sponsored by June Tomkyns were the much coveted prizes for lucky ladies. Thank you June Tomkyns!

The aptly chosen after-break song ‘Shalala lala” by Vengaboys  got all on the dance floor once again.  The naughty remix of ‘Oh Carol’ had all the women cheering. Hereafter belted out one beautiful number after the next and Berlin’s ‘Take my breath away’ truly took everyone’s breath away with the fabulous backing music played and wonderful throaty singing by Pritisha.  All our divas danced beautifully, with joy and abandon. MeherChristabel and Kriti’s moves were a sight for sore eyes as were those of our many more fabulous dancers.

Curiosity and eagerness to be a part of all the Diva-ine merriment in the bar, brought our DI men to join the Divas by 10.30 PM. Elvis Presley’s ‘Jail house rock’ certainly rocked the dance floor, as did Chubby’s ‘Who the <beep> is Alice’ and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’.

What Pooja liked most about the evening was “Great music...nice peppy numbers’.

An awesome evening, with wonderful music and fabulous company made the evening, an evening to remember.