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Children’s Day 2017 – A dream come true Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2017-11-13


As children we always dreamt of being our favourite fairytale or cartoon character, that one character that our heart spoke to.  DI made this dream come true for all our little members, this Children’s day.  It was as if DI had read the minds of our little participants and given them a chance to be their favourite cartoon characters. What better way to celebrate our children!

Children and parents gathered at the DI Courtyard and green lawns to be an integral part of a memorable evening. Participants from the age of 2 to 12 dressed up and were ready for the show. The lovely Christabel took the stage and conducted the evening.  She  helped our DI children display their talent confidently as they lived their dreams.  A quick impromptu quiz on cartoon characters showed that our children take their cartoons seriously and even the just-about-3-year old Devyansh Kothari confidently recognised the famously infamous ‘Kaaliya’ from the Chhota Bheem series.

Children were divided into three age categories - 3 to 5 years old, 6 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old. The evening started with the littlest ones first taking the stage, one by one.

The Minis

Devyansh Kothari took to stage as the superman theme music played. He confidently flew around the stage.

Divan Shah, as the incy wincy spider certainly crawled into everyone's hearts.

4 year old, Sanhita Paul, with ravishing long red hair and a shimmery tail, made a beautiful mermaid princess.

3 year old, Kaavya Malhotra, made everyone laugh as she wanted to eat the mike, which must have looked like a ‘ladoo’ to our little Chhota Bheem.

5 year old Siksha Shaha dressed as her very favourite Barbie doll and looked gorgeous.

Little Kiya fluttered into everyone's hearts as the beautiful Butterfly.

Kavya Khandewal as Elsa, confidently walked around the stage to the music of ‘Let it Go’.

‘Lady Bug’ Nayantara Dutta, looking pretty in her long red hair and lovely red and black dress, confidently introduced herself.

Agile ‘Spiderman’ Arjav Sen confidently introduced himself and went on to show his superhero skills as he ran across the stage.

Pretty Prisha Kanodia as Minnie Mouse, greeted everyone confidently and declared she loved eating cheese.

Agastya Bagga as Mickey Mouse confidently walked around the stage.

Meher, dressed as the beautiful ‘Fairy Godmother’ from Cinderella made everyone go “Awww”.

3 year old Vibhu Bhatt went on stage as the cutest Hanuman and stole everyone’s heart. His cute tail, lovely jewellery, gada and costume beautifully completed his look as he presented himself as his very favourite Hanuman.

The Midis

Prabhleen Kaur took the stage as the innovative wise ‘Owl’ with lovely rosy cheeks.

Mishal, as Barbie from ‘The princess and the Popstar’, took the stage with gorgeous pink hair and a guitar.

Ari D’Souza as ‘Spiderman’ with glowing eyes, showed his speed as he ran around the stage with confidence.

Suhana Choudhury, as ‘Dora the Explorer’ explored the fairytale land with her friend “Boots”, a little monkey.

Mehak Mohta, confidently introduced herself as the “Roller Skating Minnie Mouse”. She invited everyone to join her birthday party on the 18th of November.

Devaansh Duggal as ‘Superman’ introduced himself with aplomb and flew ‘Up and away’.

Dylan Tims greeted everyone as he introduced himself as ‘Lucky” the gorgeous Dalmatian from ‘101 Dalmamians’. This Little Dalmatian certainly charmed the crowd as he woofed and crawled around on all fours.

Next came Rayed as Ben 10 and spoke about the ‘Omnitrix’.

Ayana as princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty was graceful and elegant.

Nysa Gomes, as the beautiful Belle from Beauty and the Beast, looked splendid in her gorgeous yellow gown. She introduced herself and all her little friends as she gracefully walked the stage.

Sara, as her favourite Elsa from Frozen looked serene, as she walked around the stage.

Raghav as Bal Ganesha, wore a beautiful mask and carried his favourite ‘laddoos’ around as he chanted ‘Ganpati Bappa Moriya’.

Chandrajaa Biswas as her favourite princess Sofia confidently walked around the stage with her favourite soft toy.

‘Rapunzel’ Ishana Gambhir looked splendid with her beautiful long hair. She called out to her prince to come and rescue her from the tall tower.

The Maxis

Adrian Tims, as the very innovative, green-faced Frankenstein, wowed the audience as he solemnly declared, “If I cannot inspire love, I will inspire fear”.

Soham as Ash Ketchup confidently declared he “wanted to become the world’s best Pokemon master”.

The beautiful and graceful Nitya Malhotra, blessed everyone as the “Blessing angel”.

Ishrat Gambhir, as Minnie Mouse, introduced herself in her charming, perfect little mousey voice.

The Courtyard@DI and lawns were filled with an appreciative audience and the Entertainment Team received a loud round of applause as thanks were given.

The participants and all the children in the audience received a free ice-cream each from our own, generous ‘Cream Bell’. Ecstatic children loved the wonderful surprise. Each of our little participants received a lovely goodie box with sweet and savoury treats.

Judges Kavita Guha, pro-rector and Debjani Chatterjee, English teacher from Garden High school had a difficult time choosing the winners since all those who participated truly put up their best performances on stage. Even shy children came up on stage and introduced themselves confidently as they lived their favourite cartoon character.

The winners for each category are listed below:

The Minis

1st prize:  Meher as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother

2nd prize:  Arjav Sen as Spiderman

3rd prize:  Kiya as Butterfly

Special Prize: Divan Shah as Incy wincy spider

The Midis

1st prize: Dylan Tims as Lucky from 101 Dalmatians

2nd prize: Nysa Gomes as Belle from Beauty and the Beast

3rd prize: Devaansh Duggal as Superman

The Maxis

1st prize: Adrian Tims as Frankenstein

2nd prize: Ishrat Gambhir as Minnie Mouse

3rd prize: Nitya Malhotra as the Healing angel

Special prize: Soham Shaha Poddar as Ash Ketchup

The children enjoyed the evening which went off smoothly (including a little sword fighting by fairies with plastic wands and some enthusiastic attempts to fall off the stage). All in all the evening was a wonderful treat for the kids, before they had to go back to school on Monday.

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