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Halloween Nite at DI: a spooked out account! Author:Amit Ukil   Posted On:2017-11-03


No, the fright that Mrs R. Lakshman got was not an intended “special effect” planned by the Entertainment Committee during the DI Halloween Nite last Monday. But it sure worked and was perhaps the only genuine scare that evening. The atmosphere, of course, had been created, with the lights dimmed, skeletons hanging from on top of the stage, spiders and cobwebs on the walls, and bats and vampires suspended from the ceiling. Three animated corpses made their voodoo moves on and around the dance floor, partnering with the music.

The demonic hour had neared, and the five-member band A-4 was belting out “spooky” songs (Zombie by the Cranberries, Superstitious by Stevie Wonder, among others) when suddenly a shriek was heard from one of the side tables. A vampire bat had dislodged from its moorings and swooped down on Mrs Lakshman, missing her jugular by a whisker! “I really got a scare,” she said, smiling after realizing that the black cutout so realistically made was just paper plummeting onto her. Her predicament no doubt caused much amusement among the others seated at the table.

The mirth and merriment had by then spread to all corners of LIVE@DI, and the dancing arena was packed with people mostly wearing black to match with the occasion. The beats from the band and the singing by Paloma had couples jiving to themes from Ghostbusters and the Addams Family. The best dancing couple were identified, and announced as Michael and Maria Chen. Their moves were awarded with a bottle of wine. “It came as a great surprise,” a beaming Michael said later.

The DI members were not the only ones who enjoyed the evening. A large number of members from other clubs had trooped over too for the special MondayMembers’ night. They were taken in by the devilish décor and the eerie items on sale at the stall outside the entrance. Tej and Gurmeet Singh, members of Punjab Club, were reluctant to exit before the curtains came down. Caught at the door, Gurmeet pointed out, “The next day is a working day. Though we are leaving the lovely gathering, our heart and soul remain inside!” Claimed by the devil that devoured DI that Halloween Nite!