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Everyone had a blast! Author:Aniruddha Sen   Posted On:2017-10-26


The rain that washed out our plans on Saturday night, returned to threaten us on the morning of the 'Bijoya Sammelani & Diwali Night'.  However, it turned out to be a false alarm as our "patakas" -- literal and figurative -- celebrated with abandon at DI on October 25 evening with no rain or clouds on our parade!

The evening started off with the dhaakis drumming in the guests at the foyer while our very own DI Kids welcomed them with a 'tilak'.

As enthusiastic revellers filled up the DI Courtyard, dhunuchi dance started with the dhakis matching beats with  the dancer's steps.

Two very young girls from the DI family danced to 'pujor gaan' thus bringing the pujo festivities back into focus.

The much- awaited fireworks started soon after as guests watched the DI sky light up in numerous colors. Children too had their share of fun as they burnt 'rang mashal' sticks provided by DI. The fireworks culminated with two big 'sky lanterns' going up the sky and burning firecrackers as they went higher up - some cool stuff it was!

Dandia and GROOVERZ followed soon - with guests dancing to the energetic dandia music and then GROOVERZ took the stage to provide the hungry-by-then guests with popular songs from Bollywood and Tollywood.  The entertainment was anchored by Derek O'Brien who kept the crowd involved with his witty one liners.

The 250+ barbecue and tandoor platters vanished from the kitchens within hours as guests gorged on the delicious dinner.

One family of guests shared that they save up for this barbecue every year as it is the best available in any club in Kolkata, they watch the calendar and make sure they are there!  Some members, getting nostalgic, remarked that while they missed the old Ingo Bongo celebration, this concelebration of different community festivals is only possible in the cosmopolitan, inclusive culture of the DI, which makes all the difference.

Finally as the evening drew to a close, guests went back smiling and looking forward to next year's evening of dhaaki, dhunuchi dance, fireworks, dandia, live music and barbecue dinner!

They remarked..."there's nothing better than to sit under the autumn skies at DI and watch the sky lit up in so many colors as the barbecue gets warmed up & music plays in the background"!