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Children's Day out Author:Roshan choudhury   Posted On:2017-09-25


Children's Day Out on 10 Sept'17 

A sunday evening of dodgeball, races, tug of war, treasure hunt was what was planned for our DI kids on our DI lawns. 

Four teams were made and the evening fun began. Fun races and games kept the children glued to the grassy lawns. Indulgent parents, sipping refreshing drinks, looked on from the DI courtyard. The tug of war was great fun and had parents cheering for the teams.  

The thrilling final treasure hunt got children rushing to parents asking for one rupee coins (a rereity these days), left shoe, handkerchiefs. The children's enthusiasm was infectious and we soon saw shoeless parents enjoying the treasurer hunt along with the children. 

The memorable evening ended with each child getting a wonderful goody bag. Juices and chololates were soon consumed by children who had worked up an appetite. 

A truly well spent evening and hope for another such evening soon was the thought on everyone's mind.