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Play Reading and Fun at the DI Author:Debargho Sarkar   Posted On:2017-09-15


Play Reading and Fun at the DI

The DI hosts some very unusual events ... one of the signature events is the Play Reading held in English, Hindi and Bengali and directed and enacted entirely by the members themselves.

It was a rollicking affair at the Play-reading event at the DI on March 15th. The event which made its triumphant return, had members cheering and clapping despite March being a difficult month due to school examinations. The Play reading group comprised veterans and freshers with a mix of seven intelligent yet witty acts and were a joy to watch.

In ‘While the automobile waits’ a play starring Christabel D’Gama, Vikram Duggal, Rituparnaa Sen Dutta and Amit Ukil, a young girl with strong views wraps herself up in the garb of respectability and gentility to a prospective suitor who surprisingly, plays down his social status to win the fair maiden’s friendship.

The second act, ‘Ki Gayro’, in Bengali, about the suspicions and drudgeries of middle class Bengali life, was a big hit with the crowd and saw members clapping and laughing till the end due to the delicious interplay between the neurotic house-maid (Aditi Dutta) and the dignified aging author (Sanjay Mukherjee).

A mono act in Hindi, Hum Sab Bangali, by Raja Shah, showcased the never-ending cultural superiority complex of the Bengalis and the disdain this brings about from a member of the Punjabi persuasion.

The interval was followed by an interesting piece in English Dates for Dinner, where Mr and Mrs Notright- Wilson Andrews and Roshan Choudhury, who are clearly unsuitable for each other, kept getting their dates wrong, much to the director’s horror, played by Leslie D’Gama, leading to the utter confusion of the MC, (Amit Ukil). This wasn’t helped by an overbearing Clara, the Director’s wife, played by Bisakha Sen Das.

‘Shuk Boley Shari Boley’ was an interplay of marital repartee between husband and wife, played by Joy Majumder and Tripti Ganguly.

‘The Impregnator’- a rip roaring act in English written deliciously with clever play on words, was a huge hit with the crowd, drew genuine laughter and cheering. This was a big hit with members of all age group. Wilson as Mr Nocandoo, Rituparnaa as Mrs Nocandoo, Vikram as the photographer and Leslie as the Commentator, brought the house down.

The last act in Bengali, ‘Prem Shoshi’, was equally entertaining and hilarious which saw Monmotho (Shubham Poddar) help manage the pandemonium in his friend, Prem’s life. Prem played by Joy Majumder and Sasikala, the wife, played by Kuhu Majumder.

The play-readings were ably executed by the all actors, which showcased relevant social topics. This reviewer overheard one member gush to another after the final act- the play acts presented ‘one of the most entertaining hour and forty minutes at the DI’. The audience were patient and attentive and the service was closed during the performance. This happens only at the DI!