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Monday Members's Night with Usha Author:Aniruddha Sen & Leslie D'Gama   Posted On:2017-09-15


Monday February 6th evening saw a large gathering of members from the DI and from ten other clubs gather on the lawns for a rocking show with Usha Uthup and Euphony.

Usha Uthup kick-started the new initiative by DI coined as "Monday Members @ DI" on 6 Feb'17.

Monday Members @ DI is an initiative by DI towards fostering friendlier ties with other city clubs by inviting 10 clubs to DI every monday.

And Usha'di played the perfect celebrity in bringing together so many members of various clubs at DI on one Monday evening.

From "Skyfall" to "Last Christmas" to "Words" she lit up the Monday evening with her melodious voice and stage presence.

Members danced as she sang - sometimes she coaxed the members to sing along and sometimes the members coaxed her with their song requests! The evening saw finger food and beverages fly off the counters fast as members and guests enjoyed Usha Uthup's live performance.

Her traditional (sari) attire coupled with her lovely smile lit up the Monday evening on the lawns of DI.

What better way to start this initiative than with our very own 'Usha'di".

Usha was followed by some great dance music and singing by Euphony - a trio comprising Jeff Menezes, Savita Kapper and Steven Rebeiro. Due to sound restrictions we had to close by 11 p.m. though the camaraderie continued around the tables for awhile.

The Emcee for the evening was Mr. Leslie D'Gama who kept the audience engaged and updated with this new initiative by DI.