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Sit-n-Draw & Creative Writing Competition for Children on Saturday Feb 18 5 pm Author:Roshan Choudhury   Posted On:2017-09-15


Sit-n-Draw & Creative Writing Competition for Children on Saturday Feb 18 – 5 pm

Despite a heavy examination month the Sit-n-Draw Art Competition and the Creative Writing Competition for kids saw a large turnout and plenty of creativity ... read all about it.

The evening of 18 February 2017 saw numerous children armed with little bags and boards making their way eagerly to the club. Purposeful in their strides, the children knew this would be a memorable day for them. They were eager to share with us their wonderful writing and art skills. Special mention to the Basketball coaching kids, they came in large numbers!
Tables and chairs were laid out for our little artists and writers. Once registrations were over and announcements made, the children had the floor to themselves. One would have thought that having 55 children together would be a noisy affair, but these children meant business as they started working on their masterpieces.
Careful selection of age-wise topics for the art and creative writing competitions meant they çould demonstrate their talents in the best possible way.
Time flew as little writers and artists worked on showing the world their talents. One hour later we had 55 masterpieces and our esteemed judges - Kalpita Sarkar, writer and Academic Manager at British Council, for creative writing, and Sanjib Sen, skillful artist, for the art competition, had a tough time choosing the winners.
Finally, winners were selected and given much deserved prizes and certificates. All the participants received beautiful certificates to keep as a memento for this day. Kalpita Sarkar shared useful tips and advice for all our budding writers, which was much appreciated by the parents and participants.

And the winners are:

0 to 4 yrs: Topic - any
1st prize : Urvi Jalan
2nd prize : Dahab Asif

5 to 8 yrs: Topic - Scenery
1st prize : Ahana Chakrabarti
2nd prize :Reet Lahoti

9 to 12 yrs: Topic - Holi
1st prize :Rishita Oswal
2nd prize :Nitya Malhotra

13+ yrs: Topic - Save the environment
1st prize :Yuthika Mirpuri


Creative writing

6 to 8 yrs: Topic - any
1st prize :Aishani Mahajan
2nd prize :Dhairya Mittal

9 to 12 yrs: Topic - Which Disney character you want to be and why?
1st prize :Jiah Karmakar
2nd prize :Adrian Tims
3rd prize :Nate E. Shaw

13+ yrs: Topic - One thing that annoys you about adults
1st prize :Liam E. Shaw