Title: Kids drawing competition
Author: Subhasis
Short description:
The winning articles from Creative Writing Competition held at DI on 15 Feb'17.
Subject: My favourite Disney character
Winner: Jiah Karmakar
Age: 10 yrs
Comments from judge: interesting, funny, organised
I love many Disney characters, but the one who is the most funny and is like me is Goofy. You must wonder why he is like me. If you want to know more then please read on. 
I am like Goofy as he always forgets the proper word for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!! When the word is 'mousecatool' he would say 'mousecatool' or 'mouscadaddy'. He is totally like me as I also say the wrong word. Once in a quiz, the answer was 'A.P.J. Abdul Kalam', I said 'D.J.P. Abdul Kalam' and of course I got it wrong. Goofy is also pretty clumsy. He always drops things. As if, I am not the same. When I pack my bag for school, I try and put all the books together and I drop all the books. When I pick them up I forget to pick up some books and when I can not find them in school, I get in trouble. 
I do love Goofy a lot as he is very, very funny and is very much like me. I try to correct my mistakes and so does Goofy try to correct his mistakes. 
Name: Nate Ethan Shaw
Age: 9 yrs
Second prize (Tied)
The Disney character I would want to be is Lightning McQueen. I would like to be him because he was so fast and won the Grand prix and stuff like that. If I had won something like that I would be rich and famous. Stay and read a few more reasons why I would like to be him...
If I was like McQueen then I would practically be immortal. I would be rich, have a great house, have cool gadgets, go in my helicopter sometimes and alot of other fun. You see I could race, earn money and have an epic time. I would even throw tomatoes and hot chick! I would Ca- chief people I don't like, race with people who think their big studs and thrash them. Then no one could bully me because I'd have extra protection. I could arrest Professor X and all that kinda stuff. The good thing is that a) I would be rich and famous (b) I would have extra protection, (ç) I could fly and go superfast and (D) I would LOVE it!
So which Disney character I'd want to be and why? Look above with your eyes wide open like a hawk! Hope you enjoy!!!
The end!!!
Name: Adrian Tims
Age: 10 yrs
Second prize (Tied)
I am often asked what character in all of folklore is my favourite. I love them all but the truth is my favourite Disney character is Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. I like the character and story because it is wildly funny and full of surprises. Pinocchio is a horrible, terrible and monstrous little wooden puppet carved by a wood carver named Gepetto, who thinks he can become a real boy. When opportunities arise to be a good son to his father he looks at them the way kids eye Brussels sprouts. There are many things that we learn from this story. The first is that Pinocchio lived in a poor world so he not only learnt about poverty but also how to overcome it. In the same way we should learn how to face our difficulties but also how to overcome them. Secondly we should learn not to lie and be patient and listen to our elders. For if Pinocchio would have learned to listen he would not have got carried away in the bad company of the blind cat and crippled fox. Pinocchio was basically a good boy but often got carried away in bad company and was prone to lying and each time he did so his nose drew longer and longer ( Ha! Ha! ) The main thing that we learn from this story is that we should study hard in order to be successful. Pinocchio was lazy and preferred to enjoy his life and somehow believed that he could become rich. Pinocchio travelled a long and hard journey and in the end he found out the answer of what it is to be human. 
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